Biotech Innovators

 In-house laboratory located in Salem, Oregon

Pacific Biodiesel

With an extensive background in the biodiesel industry, Pacific Biodiesel Technologies recognizes that maintaining a competitive edge is essential to their customers.  they are committed to continually improving their offerings and maintaining a full time staff and laboratory dedicated to the advancement of biodiesel production and use.  The company has been recognized as a renewable energy pioneer by local, national, and international organizations including: the US Dept. of Energy.  (Reference 4)


  •  Montona State University's  bio-diesel product is available commercially for the first time for engines in Havre, Montana. 
  •  With the possibility of more distribution in the future, the school’s Bio-Energy Center is working to educate the public about the fuel. 

  •  lesson will include  bio-diesel production, environmental and safety issues, and performance expectations.
  • lesson teaches proper storage and disposal techniques to limit any issues users could have with the fuel. 
  •  Proceeds from the bio-diesel sale will go toward producing more of the product . 

REV biodiesel

REV biodiesel is a division of Pure Earth Energy Resources, LLC, an Arizona-based company committed to the development of affordable and accessible energy options that contribute to a clean, sustainable environment and reduce dependence upon petrofuels.

(Reference 6)

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